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Samuel Fisk
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Munich Helles

8lbs. Weyermanns Bohemian Pilsner
0.5lbs Weyermann light Munich Malt
0.5lbs Vienna (Weyermann) malt
0.25lbs Belgian Aromatic malt
0.25lbs Melanoidin Malt
0.38lbs Malted wheat - for head retention
2oz. Honey malt

130 degrees x 10min, pulled 1/4 thick mash and brought up to boil over 25 minutes, put in main mash for rest at 152 degrees x 50min, the 156 degrees x 20min, mash out 168 degrees.

0.25oz. Organic Spalt pellet hops at 55m
0.25oz. Mt. Hood pellet hops at 55m
0.25oz. Hallertau Mittelfrie (SP?) at 45m
0.25oz. Hallertau at 0m

OG - 1052

White Labs WLP860 Munich Helles Yeast x2 tubes with 2L starter