WLP059 Melbourne Ale Yeast

Specialty strain from The Vault

A yeast isolated from Australia in the early 1900s, it is a clean fermenting strain well suited for many American and English beer styles. Renowned Australian homebrewer, Peter Symon, researched this strain for his book Bronzed Brews and asked White Labs to acquire it from a yeast bank in London, England. This historic strain was used in Australia because of its ability to ferment well in the Australian climate and Australian cane sugar.

“We used this strain in an espresso porter and were very pleased with the results. Thanks to its medium to medium-high flocculation, it made clarifying the beer easy and we liked how the strain accentuated leather, oak and cinnamon notes in the finished beer. The gravity dropped slightly less at the 24-hour mark than the other strains we used for this batch, and the beer was able to hit terminal around day 10.” --Jason Wyatt, White Labs Brewer

View the recipe for White Labs Pasteur Porter here.

Check out Peter Symon's book "Bronzed Brews" for recipes and more information on the strain. Peter has supplied a recipe from 1916 using this strain and may be found here

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