Honey-Bear Lager

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Russ Dieckhoff, Sunset Cove Home Brewery - Seaside, Oregon
About this Recipe: 

5 gallon extract recipe

6 Lbs extra light LME
2 Lbs Honey
6 Oz Honey Malt
6 Oz Carapils
6 Oz Special B Malt
4 Oz Torrified Wheat
1 Whirlfloc tablet - aids in clearing

Hops: Northern Brewer, 1 Oz 60 minute boil, 1/2 Oz final 10 minutes boil
Estimated original gravity(O.G): 1.062-66
Estimated ABV: 6%

Directions: If using a 7.5 Gallon kettle or larger fill with 6 Gallons of water and add all the grains in a steeping bag (if using a 5 gallon kettle only add 2-3 gallons water and top off to make 5 gallons in fermenter). Bring to 155 degrees and steep for 30 minutes. Remove grain bag and bring to boil, add first hop addition along with only 1 Lb LME and 1 Lb of the Honey. Boil for 50 minutes then add the remaing Honey, LME, hops and whirlfloc tablet for the final 10 minutes of the 60 minute boil (this makes for a lighter colored Lager). Cool your wort down to 75 degrees and pitch the WLP810 San Francisco Lager yeast (note: take yeast out of refrigerator 3-6 hours prior to pitching). follow fermenting temeratures on yeast instructions. I usually ferment in primary for about two weeks and rack to secondary for an additional week and keg or bottle as normal. This is a fantastic Lager with a sweet touch of honey and slightly roasty from the specail B malt, the WLP810 Lager yeast has always produced a pretty clear Lager for me. Great Lager, always a hit in the spring or summer, it's a real honey of a beer.