German Pilsner

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White Labs Brewing Co.
About this Recipe: 

We’ve gone back to the classics for this recipe. Simple ingredients that produce a thirst quenching German pilsner great to have around for the first thaw into spring. Keep fermentation in the low 50’s with a diacetyl rest in the high 60’s near the end of fermentation and you’ll end up with a crisp, clean traditional German-style lager!

German Pilsner

Yeast: WLP830 German Lager Yeast

Original Gravity: 1.058

Final Gravity: 1.010

Estimated ABV: 6.3%

IBUs: 33

Grain (single infusion mash at 148°F):

97.5% Munich (10lbs 13oz)

2.5% Carapils (4.5oz)        


1.6 oz Northen Brewer (or noble hop) (26.6 IBUs)

[60 minutes]

2.1 oz Saaz (7.1 IBUs)

[20 minutes]

1.6 oz Saaz (3.5 IBUs)