German Pilsner

Recipe Supplied by: 
Brennan Fieliding, Honolulu Brewing Co, Honolulu, HI
About this Recipe: 

His Hanalei lager beer won a silver medal in the German-style Pilsner category at the 2001 Great American Beer Festival. Craft Brew recipe, makes 1 bbl.

50 lb premium Two row or Pilsner malt

11.3 oz per bbl Hallertauar hops (4% AA): 90 min
White Labs WLP830, German Lager Yeast

Original Gravity: 1.052 (13 P)
Final Gravity: 1.008 (2 P)
IBUs: 35
SRM: 2-4
Assuming 63% efficiency

Mash Options: Single infusion - 148 degrees F for 25 min; or Step infusion - 135 degrees F for 20 min, 148 degrees F for 20 min, 163 degrees F for 20 min.
Ferment at 50-55 degrees F.