Amigo Mexican Lager

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Kirk McHale, Brewer, Pizza Port Brewing Co, Carlsbad, CA
About this Recipe: 

Homebrew Recipe, makes 5 gallons (19L)
All Grain Version

3.4 lb Great Western 2-row malt
2 lb Great Western 6-row malt
3.3 lb Flaked Corn

0.5 oz Liberty hops: 60 min.
0.5 oz Liberty hops: At whirlpool

White Labs WLP940, Mexican Lager Yeast

Ferment at 51-53 degrees F for 7 days, then let fermentation warm to 62-64 degrees F for 4-6 days for diacetyl rest, chill 5 degrees F a day until you reach desired lagering temperature (this beer was lagered for 6 weeks 31-32 degrees F). Fine with gelatin or isinglass to clarify, carbonate to 2.8 to 3.0. Serve at 38 degrees F with a lime.
Make sure to enjoy with your amigos.