Recipe Supplied by: 
Samuel Fisk

5lbs Blegian Pilsner
0.5lbs malted wheat
1lbs Flaked Spelt (Or Flaked Wheat)
0.5lbs Organic Cane sugar
Mash 149 x 90 minutes
Mash out 165 x15m
OG - 1040
19 IBUs
1oz. Strisselspalts at 60m
0.25oz Styrian Goldings 15m
0.25oz Tettanang 15m
0.5oz EKG at knockout
Used White Labs Saison I & II
Primary fermention at 75-80 degrees.  Looking forward to this brew.  Added DAP yeast nutrient as advised by the amazing Farmhouse Ales book.  There is a thought that saison yeasts are related to wine yeasts, this is why they like higher fermentation temps and are more finicky (SP?) that other brewing yeasts.  The literature suggests using DAP to better yeast performance even using more than is called for.  I used the recomended 1 tsp per gallon.