Flanders Ale with Brett

About this Recipe: 

Two variations on a Flanders Ale recipe, originally brewed and fermented for White Labs Tasting Room

WLP645 Brettanomyces claussenii
Low intensity Brett character. Originally isolated from strong English stock beer, in the
early 20th century. The Brett flavors produced are subtle with more aroma than flavor
contribution. Fruity, pineapple like aroma.

WLP653 Brettanomyces lambicus
High intensity Brett character. Defines the "Brett character": Horsey, smoky and spicy
flavors. As the name suggests, this strain is found most often in Lambic style beers,
which are spontaneously fermented beers. Also typically found in Flanders and sour
brown style beers.


65% Pale Malt 2-Row
15% Wheat Malt
7.5% Crystal 60L
7.5% Flaked Corn
5% Carapils

Saaz (bittering)

Ferment with either WLP645 or WLP653lam

Medium toast Oak Chips after primary fermentation or 6 weeks