Drunk Monk Belgian Trippel Ale

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Joseph Clarkson from Louisville, KY
About this Recipe: 

Hop schedule came from "The Homebrewer's Recipe Guide" by Higgins, Kilgore and Hertlein. This recipe won third place in the Strong Ale category Kentucky State Fair Homebrewing competition

O.G. = 1.078
9 lbs Plain Light DME
2 lbs Clear Belgian Candi Sugar
2 oz Fuggles Hops
2 oz Saaz Hops
Trappist Ale Yeast (WLP500)
3/4 cup Dextrose

Culture the yeast in a two pint starter. One pint will be pitched on brewing day, and one pint will be used after the primary fermentation starts to subside.

Boil the malt, candi sugar, and Fuggles hops for 60 minutes. Add one ounce of the Saaz hops in the last 30 minutes of the boil, and the other ounce of the Saaz hops in the last 15 minutes of the boil. Cool wort to 75 degrees and pitch one pint of the starter.

When the fermentation starts to subside in about 10-14 days, pitch the second pint of the yeast starter. Ferment an additional seven days, or until fermentation subsides. Rack beer into the secondary fermenter.

Store beer in the secondary fermenter for five weeks. Bottle, using dextrose priming sugar. Age in the beer in the bottles for six months.