Blue de Garde

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Samuel Fisk
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Biere de Garde

8lbs Wyermann Vienna Malt
1lbs Weyermann Bohemian Pilsner
1lbs Malted Weyerman Wheat
0.5lbs Weyermann light munich malt
0.5lbs Belgian Aromatic malt

Did a cereal mash in separate kettle with 2 lbs of Blue Corn Meal w/ x1lbs of 6-row lager malt - mashed 120 degrees x 15minutes, 150 degrees x 15 minutes, and boiled for 15 minutes.  Put in main mash that was resting at 130 degrees and did a rest at 146 degrees x 30minutes, the up to 154 degrees x30minutes.  Mashed out at 168 degrees and sparged with 175 degrees water.

0.75oz. Brewers Gold Pellets Hops @ 55m
1 oz. Strisselspalts Pellet Hops @ 10m

WLP 920 Old Bavarian Lager yeast used and primary fermented at 62 degrees.  Cold conditioned at 33 desgrees in secondary x 6 weeks.  
OG 1060
FG 1008