Belgian Tripel

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White Labs Brewing Co.
About this Recipe: 

This beer is a classic example of the Belgian Tripel style with its fairly high alcohol content and its fruit and spice notes ranging from banana and pear to clove. Straight forward grain bill and hopping schedule allow for a yeast forward beer. While we think WLP500 Monastery Ale Yeast is a great choice for this beer, any abby-type Belgian strain will fit nicely.

Belgian Tripel

Yeast: WLP500 Monastery Ale Yeast

Original Gravity: 1.083

Final Gravity: 1.012

Estimated ABV: 9.4%

IBUs: 20

Grain (single infusion mash at 147°F):

80% Pilsner Malt (12lbs 2.7oz)

11.4% White Wheat Malt (1lbs 12oz)

5.7% Belgian Candi Sugar (14oz)

2.9% Acid Malt (7oz)


3oz Summer Saaz

[60 minute addition]