Old Rascal Barley Wine

Recipe Supplied by: 
Brent Rannow
About this Recipe: 

A very rich, full-bodied, estery, hoppy and high alcohol ale. Should be ready to drink about the time the weather goes south.

6.6 lbs Coopers Light Malt Extract
4 lbs Coopers Light DME
1 lb Invert Sugar
1 lb 20L Crystal Malt
1/2 lb Carapils Malt
1/4 lb Dingemann's Aromatic Malt
2 0z Chinook Hops (30 min)
1 oz Cascade Hops (30 min, 20 min, 1 min)
1 vial White Labs California Ale Yeast (WLP001)
3/4 cup Coopers LIght DME (priming)

1. Steep Crystal, Crapils and Aromatic malts in 150-180F brewing water (amount of water determined by size of your pot) for 15-20 minutes. Then remove.
2. Mix in malt syrups and dry malt, bring to very light boil. Total boil time: 30 minutes.
3. After hot break add Chinook hops. Add the rest of hops based on above hop schedule.
4. Add invert sugar with 5 minutes remaining in boil.
5. Cool wort in pot then transfer to fermenter. Top up if necessary to 5 gallons.
6. Pitch yeast when temperature is <80 F.