WLP072 French Ale Yeast: Biere de Garde- Artisanal Brewery Version Recipe

Yeast(s) Used: 
Recipe Supplied by: 
(Courtesy of “Farmhouse Ales,” Classic Beer Styles Series)

Malt Type                  Color(ASBC)              Grist % by Weight

Pilsener                        1.6                               75.0%

Munich                         14                                15.0%

Special Aromatic          4.5                               5.0%

Amber/Biscuit               20                                1.2%
Caramel Vienna            20                                3.5%

Kiln Black                    500                              0.3%

Bittering Hops: 20-22 IBUs

Suggested Variety: Brewers Gold or Fuggle

Late Hop Addition (last 20-30 min. of boil):

2 oz./US bbl (9 grams/5 gal.)

Suggested Variety: Strisselspalt or Hallertauer

Options: Add up to 8% white sugar (by extract)

Fermentation: White Labs WLP072 French Ale Yeast at 66-68ºF

Secondary Storage: 3-4 weeks at 32-35ºF

Original Gravity: 17ºP (1.072 SG)

Comments: This version uses a variety of specialty malts to yield a greater complexity and depth of malt flavor. Use of White Labs WLP072 French Ale is suggested.