Walt's Alt

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Samuel Fisk
About this Recipe: 

Northern German Altbier (3rd place IBU Open Des Moines, IA 2012)

5 gallons
7lbs Wyermans Vienna
1lbs Wyermans light Munich Malt
1lbs Wyermans Dark Munich
0.5lbs. Caramunich 60L
0.13lbs Chocolate malt (Muntons)
0.25lbs Dingemanns Aromatic Malt
3oz. Muntons Cara-pils
mashed 152 x 1hour

0.5 oz Organic Spalt 60min
0.5 oz Styrian Golding pellets 20min
1oz Saaz Whole leaf 7 min

Yeast - 1 liter starter WLP036 Dusseldorf Alt and White Labs WLP080 Cream ale blend
Primary fermented at 62 degrees x 2 weeks and cold conditioned/lagered x 2months @ 33 degrees