N.O.T.O.R.I.O.U.S Burg Bitter

Yeast(s) Used: 
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Samuel Fisk
About this Recipe: 

1st place (out 9) ESB at the first annual Raoul Duke Challenge - 2nd place in Best of Show

9lbs Crisp Pale Malt 2-row
0.25lbs British Crystal 55L
3oz British Crystal 150L
3oz Aromatic Malt
2oz. Torrified Wheat
3gr Ca Chloride
pinch of Epsom Salt, gypsum and non-iodized salt to mash (RO Water)
Mashed 154 degrees x1 hour

OG - 1062
FG - 1010
0.5oz UK Fuggle Pellets @60m
0.5oz. Organic Kent Goldings (7.3%AA) @45m
0.75 oz. Styrian Golding Whole Leaf @ 20m
White Labs WLP005 British Ale yeast from 1L starter