Brut IPA

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White Labs Brewing Co.
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We served this beer at Homebrew Con and it was a hit. The use of Ultra-Ferm (a gluco-amylase enzyme) is one of the defining attributes of the Brut IPA. This new style is known for little to no residual sugar, very little bitterness with pronounced hop flavor and aroma. Using Ultra-Ferm in the mash with help with breaking down maltose and maltotriose to glucose allowing WLP001 California Ale Yeast to completely ferment the beer out to 100% attenuation.

Carbonate between 3-4 volumes of CO2 and you’re ready to serve a unique beer that’s been gaining attention from homebrewers and pro-brewers alike.

Brut IPA

Yeast: WLP001 California Ale Yeast

Original Gravity: 1.059

Final Gravity: 1.000

Estimated ABV: 7.75%

IBUs: 15

Grain (single infusion mash at 148°F):

*Add Ultra-Ferm at beginning of mash

71.4% Pale Malt - 2 Row (8lbs 11oz)

28.6% Flaked Rice (3lbs 7.6oz)


1oz Galaxy

[15 minute whirlpool]

.5oz Mosaic

[dry-hop 5 days]

.5oz Amarillo

[dry-hop 5 days]