Blonde Ale

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White Labs Brewing Co.
About this Recipe: 

The American blonde ale is quickly becoming a revitalized style and is currently one of the most popular styles in taprooms across the U.S. This beer emphasis low bitterness, medium hop flavor and aroma while retaining great drinkability. White Labs Brewing used two strains for this beer, both WLP041 Pacific Ale Yeast and WLP080 Cream Ale Yeast Blend. WLP041 Pacific Ale Yeast produced mild fruity esters which lend backbone to the tangerine aroma of Mandria Bavaria. WLP080 Cream Ale Yeast Blend takes this ale and makes a crisp lager-like beer. Whatever you choose, this beer will hit the spot as a hot weather lawnmower beer.

Blonde Ale

Yeast: WLP041 Pacific Ale Yeast or WLP080 Cream Ale Yeast Blend

Original Gravity: 1.059

Final Gravity: 1.008

Estimated ABV: 4.7%

IBUs: 16

Grain (single infusion mash at 147°F):

52.8% Pale Malt - 2 Row (5lbs 9oz)

22.4% Flaked Corn (2lbs 5.7oz)

8.3% Caramel Pils - 2.5 SRM (14oz)

8.3% Wheat Malt (14oz)

8.3% Vienna Malt (14oz)


1.3oz Mandria Bavaria

[15 minute addition]

2oz Mandria Bavaria