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LS6670 Sugar Profile by HPLC

Glucose, Fructose, Lactose, Maltose, Sucrose Results expressed in: Percent % Method: HPLC Necessary for Sugar analysis for Nutritional labels

Price: $174.30

LS6671 Viability

Analysis of viability of yeast slurry sample. Most accurate results when sample is shipped cold and overnight.  Method: Methylene blue 

Price: $48.30

LS6672 Fat (by Acid Hydrolysis)

By Acid Hydrolysis Recommended for nutritional analysis

Price: $45.15

LS6705 Genetic Identification

White Labs offers genetic sequencing of bacteria and yeast isolated at your brewery. This allows you to not just assume what organism you have based on a gram stain, but actually know. In most cases we are able to identify both genus and species of...

Price: $145.95/per organism

LS6725 Mixed Culture Isolations

 LS6725  Mixed Culture Isolations - Great for wild and native cultures, kombucha Genetic identification of organisms (up to 5 organisms included with package, $145.95 per additional organism). More information about our genetic identification can be...

Price: $530.25

LS6730 Saccharomyces cerevisiae var. diastaticus PCR Analysis

Method: Detection of the STA1 gene (glucoamylase gene) via PCR If yeast samples have already been isolated at your brewery, please send an agar plate that is sealed to our lab and circle the isolated colonies you would like tested.

Price: $99/organism

LS6750 Standard Yeast Banking

LS6750  Standard Yeast Banking- for 1 strain   ($252) Yeast strain provided is isolated and removed from bacteria or other wild yeasts. Strain Clean up- free from contaminants Petite Mutant testing  pH testing Flocculation characteristics Graph...

Price: $252

LS6910 Kombucha: Final Product Testing

This package includes the following individual tests at a reduced overall price: Alcohol by Volume via GC, Total Titratable Acidity and pH, and total yeast and mold CFU/ml.

Price: $54.60

LS6920 Kombucha: Advanced Package

This package includes the following at a discounted price: Organic Acid Profile: Gluconic, acetic, lactic and malic; Alcohol by Volume via GC; Total Titratable Acidity and pH; Total yeast and mold CFU/ml; Total aerobic bacteria count (CFU/ml); and ...

Price: $187.95

LS6930 Kombucha: Shelf Life

This package includes the following at a discounted group price: Testing at 0,30,60, 90, 180, and 240 days; Alcohol by Volume via GC; Total Titratable Acidity and pH; Total yeast and mold CFU/ml; Total aerobic bacteria count (CFU/ml); and Co2 (if...

Price: $543.90