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LS3450 Distillation Profile by Gas Chromatography

(Ethyl Acetate, 1-Propanol, Acetaldehyde, Isoamyl Alcohol, Isoamyl acetate, Ethyl octanoate, ethyl hexanoate, acetone, ethyl butyrate, isobutyl acetate, methanol, and isobutanol). 

Price: $148.05

LS3600 Gluten

Gluten testing is done with the R5- Competitive Gliadin ELISA assay. This is the only assay available on the market for products made with alcohol. Results are expressed in ppm and the lowest detection limit is 10pppm For reduced pricing for...

Price: $96.60

LS4000 Free SO2

Free SO2 performed by the Aeration Oxidation method for wine.  Analyte included in:  LS4070 Comprehensive Testing For Wine

Price: $16.80

LS4030 Malic Acid (Enzymatic)

Analyze the amount of malic acid left in the wine before, during, or after malolactic fermentation. Reported in mg/L Method: Enzymatic  Analyte included in:  LS4070 Comprehensive Testing for Wine and Cider LS4071 Juice Analysis  

Price: $17.85

LS4040 Lactic Acid (Enzymatic)

Reported in mg/L  Method: Enzymatic

Price: $33.60

LS4050 YAN (Yeast-assimilable nitrogen)

Yeast Assimilable Nitrogren is important when determining quality of must and how much nutrient additions are necessary Method: Colorimetric  Analyte included in: LS4071 Juice Analysis

Price: $28.35

LS4060 Glucose/Fructose, (Enzymatic)

Analyze wine for residual reducing sugars.  Reported in g/L Method: Enzymatic

Price: $17.85

LS4070 Comprehensive Testing for Wine and Cider

Great panel for finished wine or cider   Analytes inlcuded in panel: Titratable Acidity, pH, SO2, Alcohol by Volume, Malic Acid, Brix.

Price: $74.55

LS4071 Juice Analysis

Great panel for grape or apple must. Recommended to send product frozen and shipped overnight to avoid fermentation in sample bottle. Please do not send in glass  Titratable Acidity, pH, Brix, YAN, Malic *Courier service available if in San Diego/...

Price: $57.75

LS6600 Sediment Comprehensive Analysis

Great test for issues with unusal hazes or sediment in product. Typical analysis looks for dead yeast, alive yeast, oxalate crystals, protein, lipids  Sample is centrifuged and stained with Eosin Y and Thionin. Photos from microscopy and report of...

Price: $118.65