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Wallerstein media (WLD), Dry with cycloheximide 500g. Selective media used to detect bacteria, wild yeast and mold (contains cycloheximide).

Price: $117.57

Frosted Premium Microscope Slides MA1430

High purity microscope slides. Allows viewing of specimens without distortion. Slides are packaged in a handy dispenser box which contains 72 premium slides.Frosted edge allows for convenient specimen marking.

Price: $8.74

Gram Check Slides MA1600

The slides found with the Gram stain kit. Each slide contains one Gram negative and one Gram positive control square. Slide also has 6 sample squares for testing. 5 slides/pack.

Price: $23.33

Hemocytometer (counting chamber) MA1410

Excellent for yeast cell counts and viability counts. Each chamber consists of an H shaped moat that forms 2 counting areas. Each counting area contains double Neubauer rulings with 400 small squares in central 1mm square. Each hemocytometer comes...

Price: $94.78

HLP Media, prepared TK3101

Selective media used to select for Lactobacillus and Pediococcus bacteria. Must be used in an anaerobic environment and requires a microwave to heat. Suggested use is within 30 days.

Price: $11.92

Horse Blanket Shirt

 Unisex shirt available in most sizes

Price: $20.99

LCSM Plates TK3501

Selective media used to detect wild yeast (contains cupric sulfate) - (10 pack). Suggested use is within 30 days.

Price: $22.67

LS3010 Methanol by Gas Chromatography

Methanol tested by Gas Chromatography. Reported in ppm.  Analyte included in the following panels:  LS3450 Distillation Profile by Gas Chromatography  SIT0031 Comprehensive Flavor Profile 

Price: $95.55