LS6705 Genetic Identification

White Labs offers genetic sequencing of bacteria and yeast isolated at your brewery. This allows you to not just assume what organism you have based on a gram stain, but actually know. In most cases we are able to identify both genus and species of the organism. 

In bacteria, the 16S rDNA region is sequenced.

For yeast, the ITS region is sequenced. 

Results will be reported in a % confidence level of the closest organism.

All of the DNA extract and PCR is performed in house and results are turned around in days. 

We can help you identify organisms found your brewery, environment, products, and more. Inquire within to learn more! 


If samples have already been isolated at your brewery, please send them in a pour plate or slant that is sealed to our lab and circle the isolated colonies you would like identified.

*There is a possibility that only the genus will be identified.* 

Part Number: 
Applicable Products: 
Distilled Products
Amount Required: 
Minimum of 2 colonies on plate or slant
Turn Around Time: 
~3 days
$145.95/per organism