LS6610 Complete Microbiological Analysis

Includes: WLD, LCSM, HLP, SDA selective media testing. Also includes gram stain and Genus identification of any positive contaminants. (Example: Lactobacillus, Pediococcus, Wild Yeast). Genetic identification can be added for an additional cost. For...

Price: $155.40

LS6643 Nutritional Label Analysis

LS6643 Nutritional Label Analysis Analysis needed to create a nutritional label for your product.  Alcohol, extract, attenuation, calories, pH Protein Total Carbohydrates Cholesterol  Total fat, calories from fat, trans fat, saturated fat Iron...

Price: $666.75

LS6646 Alcohol by Volume/Weight

Alcohol by Volume (ABV) and Alcohol by Weight (ABW) are provided. Results at 60F available upon request. Methods Available: Anton Paar Beer Alcolyzer and DMA 5000 (Default), Gas Chromatography (per request) Analyte is included in the following...

Price: $27.30

LS6660 Brix

Measured by Anton Paar Densitometer 

Price: $14.70

LS6672 Fat (by Acid Hydrolysis)

By Acid Hydrolysis Recommended for nutritional analysis

Price: $45.15

LS6705 Genetic Identification

White Labs offers genetic sequencing of bacteria and yeast isolated at your brewery. This allows you to not just assume what organism you have based on a gram stain, but actually know. In most cases we are able to identify both genus and species of...

Price: $145.95/per organism

LS6725 Mixed Culture Isolations

 LS6725  Mixed Culture Isolations - Great for wild and native cultures, kombucha Genetic identification of organisms (up to 5 organisms included with package, $145.95 per additional organism). More information about our genetic identification can be...

Price: $530.25

LS6750 Standard Yeast Banking

LS6750  Standard Yeast Banking- for 1 strain   ($252) Yeast strain provided is isolated and removed from bacteria or other wild yeasts. Strain Clean up- free from contaminants Petite Mutant testing  pH testing Flocculation characteristics Graph...

Price: $252

LS9014 Caffeine Analysis

Method: HPLC. Results reported in percent.

Price: $136.50