SIT0090 Total Carbohydrates

Method: ASBC-Calculation from Extract, Protein, and Ash.  Results reported in g/12 oz Analyte included in the following panel: LS6644 Nutritional Beer Analysis

Price: $69.30

SIT0091 Carbohydrate Sugar Profile By HPLC

This analysis give a break down of unfermentables (carbohydrates) in beer or wort sample. Analysis provides the amount of dextrins, maltotriose, maltose, glucose, and glycerol. Results expressed in % Method: HPLC

Price: $301.35

SIT0140 Diacetyl (as-is) Analysis by GC

Diacetyl as-is is tested by Gas Chromatography. This testing does not represent any potential diacetyl precursor that may be present in the sample.  Method: Gas Chromatography Resulted expressed in ppb.  Analyte included in the following panels: ...

Price: $94.50

SIT0141 Diacetyl (Total) Analysis by GC

Total diacetyl allows you to measure diacetyl and diacetyl precursor in the product to help anticipate diacetyl shelf life issues.  METHOD: Gas Chromatography Results expressed in PPB

Price: $94.50

SIT0270 pH

Price: $14.70

SIT0291 Protein (total)

Protein is necessary for nutritional labeling  Method: Spectrophotometer Resulted expressed as % or grams/ 12 oz  Analyte also included in the following panels:  LS6644 Nutritional Beer Analysis  SIT0021 Comprehensive Beer Analysis w/ Protein

Price: $54.60

SIT0320 Sulfur Dioxide (SO2)

SO2 for beer. Sulfur dioxide levels must be under 10 ppm unless labeled on bottles.  For wine, see here Method: Enzymatic  Results expressed as ppm

Price: $39.90

SIT6000 Water or Wort Comprehensive

Profile consists of:  pH, total dissolved solids, sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, total hardness, nitrate, sulfate, chloride, carbonate, bicarbonate, total alkalinity, total phosphorus, total iron.  This can be done on brewing water, wort, or...

Price: $106.05

SIT900 Sodium Analysis

Method: ICP. Results reported in ppm.  

Price: $42.00


All vitamins analyzed by HPLC   LS9006 Vitamin A- $155.40  LS9012 Vitamin C- $147 LS9016 Vitamin B1, Thiamin - $161.70 LS9018 Vitamin B2, Riboflavin - $161.70 LS9020 Vitamin B3, Niacin - $147   LS9022 Vitamin B5, Pantothenic Acid - $205.80   LS9024...

Price: Varies