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This page displays most of the analytical services offered by White Labs. Products on these pages are in alphabetical order based on the part number. To quickly find something, enter the part number or test name in the search box at top right. The...

Price: NA

LS3010 Methanol by Gas Chromatography

Methanol tested by Gas Chromatography. Reported in ppm.  Analyte included in the following panels:  LS3450 Distillation Profile by Gas Chromatography  SIT0031 Comprehensive Flavor Profile 

Price: $95.55

LS3410 Ethyl Acetate (Gas Chromatography)

Performed by Gas Chromatography. Reported in ppm.  Analyte included in:  LS3450 Distillation Profile by Gas Chromatography  SIT0031 Comprehensive Flavor Profile  

Price: $66.15

LS3600 Gluten

Gluten testing is done with the R5- Competitive Gliadin ELISA assay. This is the only assay available on the market for products made with alcohol. Results are expressed in ppm and the lowest detection limit is 10pppm For reduced pricing for...

Price: $96.60

LS6600 Sediment Comprehensive Analysis

Great test for issues with unusal hazes or sediment in product. Typical analysis looks for dead yeast, alive yeast, oxalate crystals, protein, lipids  Sample is centrifuged and stained with Eosin Y and Thionin. Photos from microscopy and report of...

Price: $118.65

LS6605 Full Process Microbiological Analysis

Great test to find out where contaminants are entering in your brewery. Test your entire process- Pre/Post chiller, fermentors, brite tanks, hoses, rinse water, fillers, bottles, etc. Up to 10 samples can be submitted. Samples must be from one batch...

Price: $472.50

LS6610 Complete Microbiological Analysis

Includes: WLD, LCSM, HLP, SDA selective media testing. Also includes gram stain and Genus identification of any positive contaminants. (Example: Lactobacillus, Pediococcus, Wild Yeast). Genetic identification can be added for an additional cost. For...

Price: $155.40

LS6620 Complete QC Analysis

This panel matches the analysis recieved for our Big QC Day testing.  Great panel for a comprehensive look at finished product  Includes: Microbiological testing (WLD, LCSM, and HLP selective media), alcohol by volume and weight, extract values,...

Price: $304.50

LS6643 Nutritional Label Analysis

LS6643 Nutritional Label Analysis Analysis needed to create a nutritional label for your product.  Alcohol, extract, attenuation, calories, pH Protein Total Carbohydrates Cholesterol  Total fat, calories from fat, trans fat, saturated fat Iron...

Price: $666.75

LS6644 Nutritional Beer Analysis

Includes: Alcohol by Volume, Density, Extract, % Attenuation, Protein, Total Carbohydrates, and Calories Other nutritional analysis can be added: LS6670 Sugar Profile by HPLC  LS6672 Fat  Vitamins   Looking for nutritional label info? See our...

Price: $148.05