The Yeast Vault pre-order details

Monday, Dec. 14 marks the public opening of the The Yeast Vault. The announcement was made on The Brewing Network, although Customer Club members had a sneak preview the previous week.

As described on The Vault webpage: "We've collected strains from around the world for over 20 years and kept them locked away. Until now. Through The Yeast Vault Program we are now releasing new, creative, and unique strains. Most have never been used in commercial products, some have names you can barely pronounce, and all are uniquely White Labs in quality and performance. Now we're giving you the opportunity to open The Vault."

The Yeast Vault strains include exciting blends (Including WLP611 New Nordic Yeast Blend, a result of work pioneered at White Labs Copenhagen),  wild yeast and bacteria (including WLP678 Lactobacillus hilgardii) and strains and blends from the White Labs Tasting Room (including WLP564 Leeuwenhoek Saison Blend). 

When the strains reach 250 homebrew orders, White Labs will put the yeast into production, charge the cards and ship the yeast. Until shipping, orders can be adjusted or cancelled.

The idea behind the release of The Vault is to give homebrewers the ability to pick yeast starts for White Labs, and to bring greater excitement and buzz regarding new releases, which will carry over into the marketplace once those who pre-ordered get their strains. 


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