White Labs Launches a Mobile App

We say it over and over but innovation is the driving force of our company. It propels us to move not just our company forward but the industry as well. All of our efforts are with our customers in mind. We think, create and execute our ideas, products and services for the sole purpose of helping our customers produce the very best beer, wine, spirits and other fermented products.

An innovation we’ve been working on behind the scenes for quite some time is a mobile app. A frustration we often heard from our professional and retail customers was that they wanted an easier way to order from us. The accessibility to view real-time inventory on yeastman.com was an innovation when we launched it in 2008 however, we understand that it’s not the easiest website to use when trying to order quickly and efficiently. So when thinking about the best investment we could offer our customers as it relates to ordering, we immediately thought a mobile app!

In building our app there were clear offerings we wanted it to have, things we knew our customers—whether professional, retail or homebrew—would be excited about. First and foremost an easy-to-navigate ordering system that made ordering any of our products and services a quick process. Second, up-to-the-minute inventory availability that is tied directly to our facilities in San Diego, CA; Asheville, NC; Copenhagen, Denmark; and our distribution warehouse in Hong Kong. Third, a Custom Culture Calculator, which is designed for our unique concentrated cultures, can determine appropriate pitch rates based on a variety of brewing factors.

Some other features included in the first version of our mobile app include:

  • View order history, no matter how the order was entered
  • Store locator shows the nearest homebrew store carrying White Labs yeast
  • Review QC data for all strains, regardless of package size
  • In addition to yeast, purchase enzymes, nutrients, analytical laboratory tests, educational classes and items from our gift shop
  • Order the specific yeast strain that you want—whether it’s not yet started, in production or in final packaging—and receive a confirmed order and ship date

Note, if you are a homebrewer you are able to order yeast through the mobile app, however, your order will incur shipping costs. We suggest you use the store located within the app to find your nearest homebrew store and purchase yeast and other products directly through them.  

The app is available for iOS and Android mobile devices and can be found in their respective app stores. Similar to other mobile apps, the White Labs app will be updated periodically and we welcome feedback on how to make future versions of the app better. You can submit your feedback directly through the app once you complete your order (this feedback option will appear in a near future update) or by leaving a review in the app stores.

For a list of FAQ’s please visit whitelabs.com/faq, the mobile app FAQs are located under the “General” tab.


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