White Labs Copenhagen Has Gone Organic!

As of September 1, all yeast produced by White Labs Copenhagen is 100% certified organic yeast - with no price increase to you! 

You now have the opportunity to produce beers across a wide range of beer styles using 100% organically certified liquid yeast produced under tight certification rules and with a responsible environmental footprint.

"This shift to producing organic liquid yeast is not to increase profits. It is to make a powerful statement."

- Troels Prahl, Vice President of Innovation & European Operations

Quick facts

     •  All 25 certified organic strains are now available to European customers
     •  We're not increasing the price for the organic strains
     •  The organic strains can be identified by their green label, the certified organic logo designations of the EU, USDA and Denmark as well as the addition of an “O” following the WLP strain number
     •  We're taking a stance in going green - we hope you'll join us!

Tell me more

As part of the organic manufacturing process, we're sourcing locally produced organic malt extract to create the all-malt wort in which the yeast is propagated using the patented FlexCell™ process.

Along with producing certified organic yeast, we also have programs in place across all facilities to:

     •  save water
     •  reduce power use
     •  improve waste handling
     •  up-cycle waste streams
     •  and more!

We all must consider our environmental impact and unite farmers, suppliers, brewers and consumers alike, to constantly try to improve our processes for a greener future.

How to get it

The organic strains are currently only available to European customers, who can order by emailing [email protected].

We're looking to expand our shipping territories for our organic yeast though, so if you're located outside the European territory and are interested in getting your hand on the organic strains, please reach out to us at [email protected] and we'll be sure to follow up as we expand our shipping territories for organic yeast. 

Want to learn more? Check out this Q&A with the White Labs Copenhagen team!

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