Introducing The Vault Seasonal Release & New Updates

A leader in the yeast and fermentation industry since 1995, White Labs constantly strives to bring new ideas and concepts to brewing. In an effort to help fuel the innovative beer recipes created by homebrewers, we launched The Vault--a way in which homebrewers can pre-order select yeast strains that have rarely, if ever, been available to them before. More importantly, it was designed to be a program that put control in the hands of homebrewers, allowing them to tell us which strains to release.

Since the initial launch in 2015, homebrewers have “released the yeast” multiple times and have clamored for increased access to these unique, specialty White Labs strains. Well, we’re happy to say, “We’ve heard your feedback!”

Starting today, we are resetting The Vault by bringing back the rare, one-of-a-kind strains that were previously available AND also adding 16 new strains to the lineup. Much like before, in order to access strains from this lineup, you will need to place a pre-order for the strain(s) that you would like White Labs to make available. Once the pre-order amount is hit, we will release the yeast, put that strain into production and ship it straight to your door. Also, this time around, we are lowering the pre-order amounts to 150, so these specialty strains will be even more accessible to you.

But, wait...there’s more!

White Labs will now offer our homebrew retailers (in the U.S. and Internationally) an opportunity to carry The Vault Seasonal Release. Every two months beginning in July (July/August, September/October and November/December) homebrewers will have the opportunity to purchase two exclusive, pre-determined strains at participating retailers. Each seasonal release will be packaged exclusively in vials with new specially designed branding for The Vault.

The Vault Seasonal Release for 2017:
July/August: WLP616 Funky Cider Blend & WLP059 Melbourne Ale Yeast
September/October: WLP030 Thames Ale Yeast & WLP564 Leeuwenhoek Saison Yeast Blend
November/December: WLP640 Brettanomyces anomalus & WLP845 Fast Lager Yeast
**Learn more about these strains and upcoming seasonal releases from The Vault at

With The Vault Seasonal Release, you will have a chance to find two, predetermined Vault strains every two months at your local homebrew shops. This way, there’s no need to wait until a strain hits 150 pre-orders! Ultimately, our goal with this program and its recent updates is to make specialty strains from The Vault easier for homebrewers to access.

Whether you’re a homebrewer or a retail location that carries White Labs yeast, we look forward to having you be a part of this exciting program. To learn more and place a pre-order on specialty strains from The Vault, visit Keep checking back, as we plan to continually introduce new, specialty strains to The Vault for homebrewers. Cheers and happy brewing!  

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