Strain Released from the Yeast Vault

Update: The strain reached the ordering minimum on the day of this post and has been released from The Yeast Vault! It was the fourth strain released this year as part The Yeast Vault Program.

Shipping is expected in late June.

WLP564 Leeuwenhoek Saison Blend is getting close to being released from The Yeast Vault.

There is a limited time to pre-order this strain, because once it reaches production levels, the strain will be put into production. For more on The Vault, visit

This blend is special because we have used it extensively in our Tasting Room, and is particulary flavorful in saisons, dubbels, and roggenbiers.

We thought the following recipe would spur your interest in making your own saison with WLP564.

Thank you to Samuel Fisk for submitting your recipe. For more great recipes, visit the resources section of our website. If you have a recipe to submit, email us!


WLP565 Belgian Saison I Yeast

WLP566 Belgian Saison II Yeast


5 lbs Belgian Pilsner

2 lbs German wheat malt

.5 lbs German Vienna

.75 lbs organic cane sugar

.25 lbs Caramunich I

.25 lbs aromatic malt


Single infusion at 150 degrees x 90 minutes

1 oz organic East Kent Golding 60m (whole leaf) (7.3% AA)

.5 oz Strisselspalt pellets 20m (3%AA)

.5 oz Czech Saaz whole leaf 5m (3.25%AA)


90 minute boil

2 tsp Gypsum in mash

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This was a great Saison I brewed. I used RO water with the 2tsp of gypsum. I now avoid the dreaded Saison yeast stall with a technique that Drew Beechum taught me. Apparently the 565 yeast is sensitive to pressure from the airlock. To avoid this simply place a piece of sanitized aluminum foil on the top of your carboy and voila no attenuation problems.