Stone beer uses Clarity Ferm

In a new YouTube video, Stone brewers discuss Delicious IPA. The West Coast-style IPA uses interesting ingredients to come up with what many describe as a stunning new beer. The brewers use Lemondrop and El Dorado hops, but what really makes it unique comes from a discussion between Brewmaster Mitch Steele and White Labs CEO Chris White, as Mitch describes in the video link here ( Chris told him about Clarity Ferm, which can reduce chill haze but has another function in reducing gluten in beer. The resulting beer is Stone's new entry into the gluten reduced category. Stone describes the beer in its bottle packaging as gluten reduced, which is allowed when efforts are made to reduce gluten in beer even when barley is used. There are many factors involved in the ability to make this claim about gluten reduced beer, and Kara Taylor from White labs describes these factors in the video.

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