Our 2019 Wine Strains are Now Available!


Home winemakers

Home winemakers can purchase Vault strains at local retail shops during winemaking season—mid-July through October. In addition to the seasonal release of Vault wine strains, you can also pick up our Core strains, which are available for purchase year-round.

To find a retailer near you, use our mobile app or visit whitelabs.com/stores.


Retailers can expand their wine strain offerings by purchasing the Vault strains from mid-July to October. Place your order on our mobile app, via yeastman.com, or by emailing our Customer Support Team at [email protected].


For professionals, Vault wine strains are available in 0.5L (nanos) and 2L PurePitch® packages. Additionally, customers still have the option to order Custom Pour packaging but during July-October, the minimum order is reduced to 500mL with a 2-14 day lead time.

We also have WLP675 Malolactic Cultures to convert malic acid to lactic acid, which in turn decreases acidity and helps to soften and/or round out some of the flavors in wine. These liquid cultures are available in vials to inoculate 6-gallons or 1-liter sizes to inoculate 60 gallons.

Our analytical lab offers LS4071 Juice Analysis to test your juice for titratable acidity, pH, Brix, YAN, and malic acid, as well as our LS4070 Comprehensive Testing For Wine And Cider that tests finished wines for titratable acidity, pH, SO2, alcohol by volume, malic acid, and Brix.

What Makes White Labs Liquid Yeast Different?

Liquid yeast has many advantages including that there is no rehydration required, it’s ready to inoculate straight into juice. The number of strains available in liquid form is greater than dry yeast options and many would agree that liquid yeast provides a more robust flavor profile across many different varietals as well.


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