Our 2018 Vault Wine Strains Are Now Available!


Homebrewers can purchase Vault strains at local homebrew shops during winemaking season—mid-July through October. In addition to the seasonal release of Vault wine strains, you can also pick up our Core strains, which are available for purchase year-round.

To find a retailer near you, use our mobile app or visit whitelabs.com/stores.


Retailers can expand their wine strain offerings by purchasing the Vault strains from mid-July to October. Place your order on our mobile app, via yeastman.com, or by emailing our Customer Support Team at [email protected].


Vault strains are offered year-round for professionals. They come in Custom Pour packaging, have a minimum order of 1.5L and require a longer production lead time.

What Makes White Labs Liquid Yeast Different?

Liquid yeast has many advantages over dried yeast. The variety of liquid strains is much greater, but what's most important is the flavor profile. Most home winemakers would agree that wine made with liquid yeast is superior in flavor. Liquid yeast is also supplied in smaller quantities. To make home winemaking even easier, White Labs produces vials of liquid yeast culture that is ready to inoculate the juice.

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