Old Ale Recipe

Our Essex Ale Platinum strain is available through February. This strain is perfectly suited to brewing old ales such as in the recipe below.

English Olde Ale Recipe

12lbs Pale Ale Malt
1lbs 6 oz Caramel 80L
12oz Caramel 120L
8oz chocolate malt

Hop additions:
60 minute Perle at 8%AA
30 minute UK Goldings at 5% AA
5 minute Uk Goldings at 5%AA

Water: Filtered Water with Gypsum (optional)

Pitch with Essex Ale yeast WLP022

17.5 degrees plato or 1.072 SG
38.5 IBU’s
25.5 SRM
Estimated ABV%: 7.0%

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Working with WLP022

Evening, I wonder if you can provide any tips for working with WLP022 or any top cropping yeast for that matter. I am having some attenuation difficulties with my Essex Ale.

Is it best to re-aerate the wort 24hrs after the initial pitch?

Should I give the fermenter a good swirl each day for the first few days after high krausen to move the yeast from the head back into the wort?

Will the krausen drop on its own eventually? Does it need to be skimmed? Cold Crash? Stirred back into the wort? Or should I just rack the beer out from under the krausen?

How much yeast can I safely crop without impacting the fermenting beer? After performing an inital crop, can I continue to crop subsequent "rises", will cropping say 300ml of yeast from a 5 gallon batch impact the beer attenuation?