New Year, New Strains: Updates to the Yeast Bank

The New Year is here, and we’re thrilled to share updates to our Core strain lineup as well as new offerings added to The Vault. Starting today, whether you’re a professional, retailer/wholesaler or homebrewer, you may now order from a larger selection of specialty Vault strains while still having access to White Labs best-selling Core strains.

Thanks to your clamor and demand for more, WLP066 London Fog Ale Yeast, a yeast that made its popular debut in 2017 and perfect for the current “haze craze,” will be among the strains that are now available as a year-round Core release. This means the strain will be in regular production and more widely available to home and professional brewers. Plus, for retailers and wholesalers that participate in the Freshness Certification Program, WLP066 London Fog Ale Yeast will be included with your shipments of 68 Core strains at a low cost. (Side note: Visit to sign-up and learn more.)

Other additions to the Core lineup include:

WLP661 Pediococcus damnosus - A cocci bacteria known for its souring capabilities through the production of lactic acid. Perfect to add to any sour program, it is a high diacetyl producer and slow growing.
WLP705 Sake Yeast - Produces a full-bodied sake character and subtle fragrances. For use in rice-based fermentations; typically used in conjunction with koji.
WLP920 Old Bavarian Lager Yeast - From Southern Germany, this yeast finishes malty with a slight ester profile. Use in beers such as Oktoberfests, bocks, and dark lagers.
WLP925 High Pressure Lager Yeast - Used to ferment lager beer in one week.

We’ve also added 20 specialty strains into The Vault right now, with other strains to be added throughout the year. Kicking off today, homebrewers may visit and place a pre-order on any of these newly added offerings. Once it reaches 150 orders, we’ll push that strain into production and ship it straight to your doorstep. Good news for professional brewers: You may access Vault strains anytime during the year. All you have to do is place a minimum order of 1.5 liters and allow for a longer production lead time.

Note, included in The Vault is a majority of our wine strains. These strains will be available to retailers and homebrewers during the winemaking season of July through October and year-round to professionals as long as the minimum order is met.

Just like in 2017, we are continuing The Vault Seasonal Release program. Homebrewers will have a chance to find two, predetermined Vault strains every two months at your local homebrew shops. This way, there’s no need to wait until a strain hits 150 pre-orders! Just visit a participating retail location and pick up one these one-of-a-kind strains. Each seasonal release will be packaged exclusively in vials, look for the special Vault label. Here is the 2018 Vault Seasonal Release Lineup:

If you’re a retailer interested in stocking your shelves with the 2018 Vault Seasonal Releases, visit or contact a Customer Service Representative at [email protected] to place an order.

The updates to our Yeast Bank were based on your direct feedback. We look forward to better serving you in 2018 by making our popular strains available to you! To see the entire collection of White Labs’ Core and Vault strains, visit

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