Flanders Brown

Back in March, I decided to brew a Flanders Brown.  I knew it would be some time before the beer would even be servable, so I wanted to plan ahead.  In keeping with our White Labs tasting room tradition, I split the batch and used four different Brettanomyces strains.  And I did two different batches, with the intention of doing a second comparison of Brettanomyces in primary fermentation vs. Brettanomyces in secondary fermentation.  For the trials of Brett in secondary, I used WLP550 – Belgian Ale Yeast as the primary fermenting yeast and I added the Brett after I had reached about 70% attenuation.  For the Brettanomcyes, I used:

WLP644 – B. bruxellensis trois (our new strain this year)

WLP645 – B. claussenii (the pineapple)

WLP650 – B. bruxellensis (the classic)

WLP653 – B. lambicus (the horsey, cherry pie)

To get a little added complexity to the beer, I added some oak chips, although I think I could have done a bit more here.  Hope you get to come by and try the 8 beers – we’ll have a special release tapping on Friday, November 9th of San Diego Beer Week!  I hope you enjoy!


Here's to bugs...

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