Congratulations to GABF winners

One month after people arrived home from the Great American Beer Festival, brewers are back to work making some of the greatest beers in the world.
Thanks to all those who dropped by the White Labs booth and participated in the the BeerX Experience (and specifically the yeast table where White Labs scientists and brewers gave talks). 
Customers said they loved getting the many Yeastman doll that White Labs people passed out. Since the festival, many have taken the dolls around the world and posted photos of them on social media. Additionally, the  festival gave people a chance to sign up for Big QC Day and ask questions in person to White Labs scientists. 
Like past festivals, the majority of medal winners are White Labs customers (our photo from the awards is posted below). In comparing the database of winners with those who have ordered from White Labs over the past year, nearly 60 percent of award winners are White Labs customers.
Congratulations to all award winners.
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