Collaboration celebrates launch of Shanghai Beer Week

Brewmasters at three Shanghai craft breweries – The BREW, Dr. Beer and Boxing Cat Brewery  –created a collaboration brew project to celebrate the launch of Shanghai Beer Week 2013 (May 17-26).
The hops, yeast and malt used in brewing Porky’s Revenge Imperial Pilsner were
provided courtesy of New Zealand Hops, White Labs and Castle Malting.
The Brewmasters named the Imperial Pilsner Porky’s Revenge as their
tribute to the plight of China’s swine population after the recent discovery of thousands
of dead pigs floating in Shanghai’s Huangpu River, according to a statement from the participants.
Leon Mickelson (The BREW), Teddy Gowan (Dr. Beer) and Michael Jordan (Boxing Cat Brewery) were inspired to brew Porky’s Revenge Imperial Pilsner after tasting LARGER by Epic Brewing Company of New Zealand. The Brewmasters wanted to achieve high drinkability for a higher alcohol beer (~8.5% ABV) with good hop presence. The unique hop profile will include pine notes along with different citrus notes including lemon/lime
and light pineapple.
Porkey's Revenge Imperial Pilsner will be released at the kick-off party (May 17) of
Shanghai Beer Week 2013 with part of the proceeds from its sales to be donated to
charity. Porky’s Revenge Imperial Pilsner will pour at The BREW, DR. Beer and Boxing
Cat Brewery for the duration of Shanghai Beer Week (May 17-26) and the Sinan
Mansions Beer Festival (May 25-26).

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