Call for YOUR recipes!

Attention Homebrewers!

In an attempt to bolster the Recipe section of our new site, we're putting out a call for your favorite recipes that use a White Labs strain or blend. We'd love to hear your favorite HB success stories.

Simply name the recipe, scale it to 5 gallons and send it over to us and we'll upload it to our ever-expanding recipe archive.

Be sure to check the aforementioned section of the site over the course of the next few weeks, we'll be adding your submissions (and recipes of our own) frequently!



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this is a recipe I thought up and have tried with a damn tasty success

1 1.1 kg tin Coopers Wheat SME
1 1.1 kg tin Coopers Light SME
1 1 kg package Bavarian Wheat DME
1 1 kg package Light DME
1 1 kg package Brwing Sugar
100 g Pride of Ringwood Hops
(roughly 85 - 90% used for bittering 10 - 15% dry hopping)
Yeast starter made from Safale US-05

Due to the fact I only have a 11.3 liter pot to boil in I made sure to have 45 liters of chilled water in my 60 liter fermenter before I started both because it was concentrated wort and for chilling.
I started boiling 8 liters of water in the pot added the extracts and hops and boiled for 90 minutes with the bittering hops added at the start.
After boiling I cooled the wort for about 30 minutes in water then added to the water in the fermenter which bought the temperature down to 22 - 24 degrees celcius pitched the yeast and fermented.