Brew it Yourself: White Labs Black IPA

Need some inspiration for your next brew day? Our latest "brew it yourself" blog post features a 5-gallon-sized recipe for White Labs Black IPA, created by Brewing Manager Joe Kurowski on our 24-hectoliter brewhouse in San Diego. For this recipe, the Brewing Team used two very different strains for fermentation--WLP013 London Ale Yeast and WLP862 Cry Havoc Lager Yeast. Check it out below, and if you like what you see, sign up for our Customer Club newsletter at to get more content like this straight to your inbox! 

White Labs Black IPA, fermented with WLP013 London Ale Yeast OR WLP862 Cry Havoc Lager Yeast
Original Gravity: 1.066
Final Gravity: 1.0010
Estimated ABV: ~6.3%
IBU: 55

Grain (single infusion mash at 149°F):
79.8% 2-Row Barley Malt (10lbs, 3.8oz)
6% Flaked Rye (21.4oz)
3.8% Briess Caramel 60L Malt (7.7oz)
3.8% Briess Caramel 120L Malt (7.7oz)
3.8% Roasted Wheat Malt (7.7oz) 
2.8% Weyermann Dehusked Carafa III Malt (5.8oz)

.3oz Columbus CTZ (14.5 IBU)
[60 minutes]
.6oz Chinook (18.7 IBU)
[30 minutes]
.6oz Chinook (12.1 IBU)
[15 minutes]
.6oz Cascade (2.1 IBU)
[05 minutes]
.6oz Cascade (2.6 IBUs)
.6oz Citra (5.6 IBUs)

Yeast & Tasting Notes:
"We wanted to highlight how two very different strains--WLP013 London Ale Yeast and WLP862 Cry Havoc Lager Yeast--played in a black IPA recipe. For this beer, WLP013 London Ale Yeast contributed more esters and traditional English-style characters, which resulted in a bigger mouthfeel along with accentuated fruity hop notes. On the other hand, WLP862 Cry Havoc Lager Yeast was a great option for this beer style if you're wanting to create a cleaner, crisp lager-like traits and sharp hop bitterness. This lager strain produces fewer esters and is, ultimately, very neutral." --The White Labs Brewing Team

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