White Labs App

White Labs completely rebuilt and relaunched its app on Aug. 20 with new features. The app, originally launched in February 2018, allows our customers to easily and quickly order from iPhones and Android devices. Anyone who downloads the app can take advantage of the various features, whether it’s ordering yeast, using the Custom Culture Calculator or locating the nearest homebrew store that carries White Labs yeast. 
The new features include: 

  • Improved navigation, graphics, and content in every section of the app.
  • Alternative packaging suggestions if the specific size you would like is not available by the date you need it.
  • Alternative strain suggestions if the specific strain you would like is not available by the date you need it.
  • “Calculate how much I need” within the strain product page makes it easy to determine the package size you should order based on starting gravity and fermentation temperature.  
  • For retailers, yeast strain product pages that make it easy to add multiple homebrew packages to an order.
  • For international customers, the ability to create mirror accounts for White Labs Copenhagen and White Labs Hong Kong which shows local production and availability.
  • For homebrewers and professionals, search by style to determine ideal yeast strain options.
  • For homebrewers, updated store locator map that includes information on retailers near them.
  • Increased user functionality, including the ability to add or delete credit cards, adjust currencies, update addresses and phone numbers and more.

Update or download the app:

How to order:

If you’ve ordered through yeastman.com in the past, your White Labs username and password will log you into the app.

If you’ve ordered from White Labs but never through yeastman.com open the app to the store screen and select the account icon at the top left corner of the app. Once at the login screen, scroll to the bottom and select “Ordered from White Labs but never with Yeastman?” You can enter the email address associated with your White Labs account, or your account number, and click “Submit.”

If you are a new customer, open the app to the store screen, select the account icon at the top left corner of the app, and select “Don’t have an account? Sign up.” Follow the prompts to create an account, click “Submit.”

If you are having trouble signing in, please make sure you have downloaded the latest version of the app.

About the app:

The White Labs app is updated regularly and we welcome feedback on how to make it better. You can submit your feedback directly through the app once you complete your order, or via your user account. Feel free to write us directly with feedback. 

For a list of FAQ’s please visit whitelabs.com/faq. The mobile app FAQs are located under the “General” tab.