White Labs Hong Kong

White Labs Hong Kong is a distribution warehouse where fresh liquid yeast is kept in refrigerated conditions for immediate and fast shipping. This location is set up to supply professional brewers. If you are a homebrewer in the area that is interested in purchasing fresh White Labs yeast, please visit HK Brewcraft.

See the attached document below for bank transfer information and full instructions on how to place an order / pick up fresh yeast directly from White Labs Hong Kong. 

For all credit card payments, contact our sales & customer service department

White Labs Sales & Customer Service Information:
International: 858.693.3441
[email protected] 

Media Questions & Interview Requests: Megan Joseph, [email protected].

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White Labs is committed to furthering the art of fermentation by making fresh, pure liquid yeast more accessible to the brewing, wine making, distilling, cider making, kombucha and fermentation industries. We offer various fermentation products, services, analysis and education to professional and enthusiasts alike. Today White Labs operates locations in San Diego, CA; Davis, CA; Boulder, CO; Asheville, NC; Copenhagen, Denmark and a distribution facility from Hong Kong, China. Click below to learn more about our locations.