Analytical Lab Services

In 2009, White Labs and Siebel Institute of Technology joined forces to offer you a comprehensive list of analytical testing. 

The analytical lab is TTB beer and wine-certified and offers a wide range of services for BEER/WORT, WINE, CIDER, KOMBUCHA/KEFIR, and DISTILLED SPIRITS

Laboratory Services listed HERE

Two ways to order: 

1) Login to, and under the Products tab, click 'Laboratory Supplies and Services.' Print the receipt for the purchased lab service(s) and mail to White Labs San Diego with the required sample size. 
2) Fill out the "Analysis Request Form" on this page (direct link: here) and include in your shipment box with the appropriate sample size. 

Need help figuring out what tests to order?

Contact the White Labs Analytical Lab at 858.693.3441 x 7387 or email [email protected]

What size sample should customers send?

Please consult the specific test here for more infomration.

How may I send in my samples for testing?

Samples may be shipped to: 

White Labs
Attn: Analytical Lab
9450 Candida Street
San Diego, CA 92126

*If you are shipping from out of the United States, please contact us to advise on shipping requirements.

Additionally, customers residing near White Labs Asheville may drop off samples at this location, and our team will ship to San Diego free of charge. Visit for hours and more information. 

When will my results be ready? 

Turn around time varies depending on the requested analytical test and will be on the web page for each dedicated service. If you have any questions about your results, email us at [email protected].
When results are complete, you will receive an email with additional details.