White Labs Frankenstout®-__ Unleash the Yeast!

Born in the lab and brought to life by 96 yeast strains! This beer celebrates our genome sequencing collaboration project and answers the question, “What would happen if we pitched 96 different yeast strains into one beer?”

This dark, complex beer throws convention out the window to test the limits of science and defy industry standards. As 96 yeast strains struggle for dominance, a monster beer with flavor to match is unleashed. You may get tart flavor profiles on the first sip and chocolate the next, but we have no way of controlling this beast so you’ll have to see for yourself. Unleash the Yeast and prepare for a tasting experience unlike any other.

White Labs Presents: Barrel-Aged Frankenstout
LOCATION: San Diego & Boulder Tasting Rooms
Thursday, August 17, beginning at 3 p.m. 
For the first time, Barrel-Aged Frankenstout will be on tap at both White Labs' Tasting Rooms. Enjoy a side-by-side comparison of the oak-matured, fresh and unique, one-off variations of Frankenstout. The Carver, Coal & Barrel BBQ will be serving up delicious eats along with dishes using the one-of-a-kind imperial stout. Guests will be able to purchase a Frankenstout keep-the-mug, which includes a full-size pour of the specialty beer. Stop by and experience what happens when White Labs pitches 96 different yeast strains into one beer...and then ages its creation for one year in bourbon barrels! 

Frakenstout was first released in 2013. The release created great buzz, including this article

To learn more about Frankenstout and the 2016 bottle release, view the attached press release