Frequently Asked Questions

What is Yeastman? Why should I use it?

How does Yeastman know when the yeast is available?

What is the shelf life of White Labs Yeast?

Can you make Yeastman faster? 

How can I obtain White Labs yeast if my local homebrew shop doesn’t carry it?

How do I access the White Labs Hong Kong warehouse?

Why do I have to give all this information to log in for the first time?

Big QC Day and Yeastman: Help please.

I am a White Labs customer. How do I use Yeastman for the first time?

I am not a customer but want to use Yeastman for the first time. How do I do so? 

How much yeast should I pitch? 

What is your recommended enzyme dosage for homebrewers?

What will each enzyme do?

Why is the fermentation not starting in the recommended time?

How can I increase the oxygen level in the wort?

How can enzymes help with beer production?

What are enzymes?

How can I increase the alcohol level in my beer?

What is the recommended dosage for your enzymes?

Why is my beer over-attenuating?

Why is my beer under-attenuating?

I have heard that Rochefort has two strains. How would I go about selecting those as two different strains (separating them)? How do you differentiate between the different strains?

Why does my beer have a high ester and/or sulfur level?

How long does the fermentation take to complete?

Can I combine yeast strains? Will there be any benefits or drawbacks from this?

Does a professional brewer need to propagate when using White Labs yeast?

At what temperature should I pitch ale yeast?

Is overpitching yeast harmful?

What temperature should I pitch a lager yeast?

What makes White Labs liquid yeast different? Why should I use liquid yeast as opposed to dry yeast?

Will enzymes change the flavor of my beer?

How much yeast is in my White Labs homebrew PurePitch? Your pitch rates seem low. 

What if my yeast arrives late?

The yeast took longer than expected to get to me, as I live in India. What should I do?

It is summer - will the yeast survive during the shipping process?

How does White Labs ship its yeast?

We sell White Labs yeast. Do you have any suggestions for how I should ship the yeast to my customers who order by phone or online?

What is attenuation?

How should I store my yeast?

I am curious to know how your nutrient may differ from Servo? That is what I use now, but since I hope to switch to White Labs yeast exclusively in the future, I was wondering if the WL product may be superior.

How often should I test for contamination?

What are the alcohol tolerances listed on your yeast pages? Please define them for us.

What is Servomyces?

How can I avoid contamination in the brewery?

Why are some strains available sooner than others?

What are White Labs test kits? How can they help?

What is meant by "certified yeast"?

Do you have a map between your yeast strains and others?

How much yeast is in my White Labs homebrew PurePitch®?

How long can I wait to use White Labs Yeast?

How is BBL comparable to a hectoliter measurement?

What is White Labs yeast nutrient?

What is diacetyl?

What are aerobic bacteria?

Is your yeast gluten free?

What does clearing QC mean?  

What is flocculation?

What is meant by pitchable quantities?

Can I use your liquid yeast to make bread?

What is brewer's yeast?

How long will the strain be available after it is made?

I placed an order in the mobile app that I no longer want, what should I do?

I’m having issues with the mobile app, what should I do?

Will there be different versions of the mobile app in the future?

My store does not appear on your Store Locator in the mobile app and I sell White Labs yeast. How can I get my store listed?

I’m a homebrewer, can I order yeast from the mobile app?

Where can I download the mobile app?

Do I need to create an account to use the mobile app?

How do I create an account in the mobile app if I’ve never ordered from White Labs before?

How do I create an account in the mobile app if I’ve ordered from White Labs but never used

Where do I find my account information in the mobile app?

What makes White Labs Liquid Yeast Different?

I am interested in your HLP media that you have for sale. Would this be effective for wineries?

What do home winemakers and retailers say about White Labs liquid yeast?

What resources are provided by White Labs to winemakers? 

WLP707 Does your wine yeast (such as WLP707) have the "killer trait"?

I would like to make bourbon. What products would you recommend?

I would like to try some of the WLP050 Tennessee Whiskey Yeast. Our mash capacity is 1000 liters, and I typically use 200 gallons of water and 350 lbs. of grain/malt. How much of the WLP050 would I need to do two of these batches?

What is the best way to measure the sugar content of the mash post liquefaction? At this point, it is still starch (or at least not fully reduced to simple sugar like it will be post saccharification).

What is the alcohol tolerance and pitching rate for EDV493?

My EDV493 instructions are in French and I would like to clarify the dosage rate. It indicates 50-100g/HL.

I am making rum with EDV493 for the first time. I am concerned about the temperature- the room where I will have it in is about 60°F, which is considerably low in regard to the recommendations. What effect will this have and what suggestions can you offer?

Most brewers use a roller mill to crush their grain. The Alcohol Textbook suggests distillers are more likely to use a hammer mill, and specifies a typical level of milling (using a sieve test). Do you have any idea on how much yield we may lose if we use a roller mill and don’t achieve as fine of a grind as we could with a hammer mill?


What is The Vault for Homebrewers? How does it work?

When do I pay? 

When will my item be shipped? 

How will The Vault yeast be packaged?

How will my yeast ship?

How do I get my Vault strains faster?    

Is the Vault ordering site secure?

Can I get the price after the pre-sale ends?

Can I order multiple products?

Can I change my address/edit my order/cancel my order?

Why should I order from The Vault?

Why is there little fermentation information for some strains?

Can I order if I am living outside of the United States?

If I'm a retailer/wholesaler, can I purchase strains that are released from The Vault?

What is the shelf life of PurePitch?

Other questions or comments?

When did commercial customers begin receiving their orders in PurePitch?

What sizes are available?

Will you use this technology in your homebrew packaging as well?

My beer tastes different. Is that because of the new packaging?

Sanitizing the scissors creates an extra step for us. Can you add a spout to the package?

Will this impact your wine and distillation commercial customers too?

How should customers store the new PurePitch packaging?

Does the new PurePitch packaging require any new procedures to use ie. sterilizing the bag, cutting tool, etc.?

Will this new process/packaging change the cost of your products?

Will there be any changes to shipping?

Will the new packaging impact wait time for yeast orders?

There is a carabiner in the photos. Where's mine?

I did not get a printout with the package. Where can I find my QC information?