Fermented Pairings Series San Diego: Pizza & Beer (San Diego)

Feb 23, 2019

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Feb 23, 2019

Let’s face it, pizza and beer go hand in hand. We are excited to welcome the return of the Fermented Pairings Series to San Diego with Angry Pete’s Pizza!

For this installment, White Labs Education and Engagement Curator Erik Fowler and Pete of Angry Pete’s Pizza will be delivering unique and educational pairings using pizza and beer. Join them for a 90-minute classroom setting that discusses the production of Detroit style pizza and the tasty beers we are pairing with. We’ll discuss the process and techniques of creating one-of-a-kind flavors

Learn proper tasting and pairing techniques as they pair four delicious creations with five White Labs beers. Menu will be announced shortly, see below for a sample menu:

Pairing #1: Fresh Garden Salad

with Tabberer IPA WLP008 East Coast Ale Yeast

Pairing #2: BBQ Pulled Pork Detroit Style PIzza

with Pasteur Porter WLP004 Irish Ale Yeast

Pairing #3: Pepperoni & Sweetie Drop Pepper

with Red Ale WLP041 Pacific Ale Yeast

Pairing #4: Fig and Chocolate Chip Pizza Cookie

with Hansen Wheat Ale WLP300 Hefeweizen Ale Yeast


For more information on White Labs, visit whitelabs.com

For more information on Angry Pete’s Pizza, visit facebook.com/angrypetespizza

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