Big QC Day

Quality is a term used almost every day in the brewing industry and it encompasses many aspects of brewing, from ingredients to process to packaged beer. For the last 25 years at White Labs, we set out on a single mission: to stretch the limits of science to set new standards and support quality in every aspect of beer.

As part of this mission, we launched Big QC Day in 2007 as a low-cost option to help breweries understand the quality of their beer. It also lets participants compare their samples to others and gain insight into the ever-evolving industry. In 2019, we learned that the craft brewing industry has an average ABV of 6.29%, IBU of 34, and diacetyl of 43.49 ppb. In addition, we found that of the 730 samples we tested, 39.76% were using STA+ strains.

Learn what’s in your beer while saving up to $430 on beer tests. Purchase your Big QC test kit today to get started.

Included Tests

     •  Diacetyl
     •  IBUs
     •  Alcohol content 
     •  Calories
     •  Color (SRM)
     •  Attenuation - real and apparent
     •  Microbiological contaminants
     •  Gluten testing (add-on option)
     •  Saccharomyces cerevisiae var. diastaticus PCR analysis (add-on option); Please note: STA1+ strains will be detected via PCR

Cost Breakdown

     •  LSQCDAYSTANDARD: $139 for two samples
     •  LSQCDAYGLUTEN: $199 for two samples with gluten testing 
     •  LSQCDAYPCR: $199 for two samples with PCR testing
     •  LSQCDAYGLUTEN+PCR: $259 for two samples plus gluten and PCR testing

2020 Big QC Dates

Purchase your Big QC Day Test Kit by January 31, send us a sample by February 14, and we'll get your results completed by February 28. 

Purchase your Big QC Day Test Kit by May 15, send us samples at your earliest convenience. The results will be completed within two weeks of sample receipt. 

Purchase your Big QC Day Test Kit by August 14, send us a sample by August 28, and we'll get your results completed by September 11. 

Purchase your Big QC Day Test Kit by November 6, send us a sample by November 20, and we'll get your results completed by December 4. Sign up deadline extended until Nov. 13

How to Order 

     •  White Labs mobile app
     • (visit analytical services, and scroll to the bottom of the page)
     •  888.593.2785
     •  [email protected]




Big QC Day Report Sample 

Click here to view a complete sample report.

Follow up Consulting 

If the results of Big QC Day shows that more testing or consulting is desired, please do not hesitate to reach out to White Labs for additional help. You may call 888.593.2785 or email [email protected] to learn more. Find more information here,

Don't worry about what's happening with your beer, test it!