Yeast Banking Services


Note: Write our Yeast Culture Specialists ([email protected]) for more help on this subject.

Taking care of your own proprietary yeast strain can be challenging and time consuming. Let us take care of the stress involved with isolating, storing, and propagating your yeast. When you sign up to be part of our proprietary yeast banking program you enter into an elite program designed with the brewer in mind. By shipping White Labs a sample of your yeast strain, we analyze the yeast, conduct a variety of microbial tests, monitor fermentation of the original culture to ensure optimal performance, and cryogenically freeze it for your future use.

This takes place at our Laboratory Headquarters in San Diego, CA, where we bank hundreds of strains for breweries and wineries, as well as, hundreds of our own strains. When your brewery needs your yeast, just call our customer service center and we will have your strain ready and shipped.

White Labs also maintains strict confidentiality and proprietorship with any strains you bank with us. You can trust that information regarding the strain, including strain number, origin, and properties of the strain will not be released to any outside parties without your expressed written consent.

LS6750  Standard Yeast Banking- for 1 strain   ($252)

  • Strain Clean up
  • Petite Mutant
  • pH
  • Flocculation characteristics
  • Fermentation graph
  • First year of banking included

Here is a more detailed description of the laboratory program:
Your yeast will go through a variety of steps to prepare it for storage. Most of these tests are to determine purity and selection of the best possible colonies, guaranteeing you optimal fermentation. We will initially test your yeast for cell viability. We also test for wild yeast, mold, and bacteria on a variety of selective mediums. Once we have determined your sample is free of contaminants, we select individual colonies for optimal culture selection by a fermentation performance analysis. Finally, we perform a petite mutant test to ensure your yeast does not possess a respiratory defect gene that may hinder fermentation and flocculation rates. From start to finish, this process takes 3 weeks, after which we will contact you with all the necessary information needed to order your strain.

Yeast samples can be received in a variety of forms. We can isolate colonies from liquid cultures, such as yeast slurries, or samples from fermentors. We can also accept colonies from lab propagations, or yeast samples grown on slants, stabs, or on nutrient agar plates. For liquid cultures, please send samples in leak proof containers. For mixed yeast samples, please send them as a liquid culture. Prior to shipping, please fill out the “White Labs Request for Yeast Banking” sheet and include the form when shipping. Finally, be sure to pack samples with an ice pack to ensure viability. Also, shipping overnight is preferred due to the sensitivity of the sample.

To sign up, fill out the form attached to this page and send in your sample as explained on the form. Feel free to call us at 1-888-5-Yeast-5 or write us